Press Release: Don’t Panic! Organize!

In the framework of the Berlin Biennial, September 2, 2022, “The Yes Women Group “is organizing a new public artwork in collaboration with a self-organized group of elderly women from the former GDR (average age 80). After the German reunification, these women were deprived of a significant part of their pensions. Divorce was not uncommon in […]

The Continuing Adventures of the Yes Women

By David Graeber & Nika Dubrovsky On November 9, the newly formed Yes Women art group crashed the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall celebrations at Alexanderplatz (an event attended by almost no one), by projecting an image of six of the 300,000 divorced women from the former GDR who had been […]

apexart Exhibition: Voicing the Silence

In 1909, Soviet feminist and politician Alexandra Kollontai penned The Social Basis of the Women’s Question, a book offering progressive systemic solutions to ensure women’s economic and political independence through labor legislation, sexual education, and free love—principles later adopted by many social democracies. More than a century later, however, the global struggle for women’s equality continues […]