Wo beginnt die Heimat?/What Is The Beginning Of Motherland

exhibitions, a series of workshops and, most importantly, tea parties and a collective drawing of a memory map with elderly Russian German immigrants to Germany,
2019 Berlin

The project originated at the intersection of art, social work and historical research. Over a period of several months, a group of older Russian-German emigrants who regularly meet in the evangelical parish of Gropiusstadt Süd met with artists Nika Dubrovsky and Jana Smetanina , photographer Anastasia Khoroshilova , art therapist Olga Michael (Maykl) and social pedagogue Vera Kravchik. 

The name is ruted in the old Soviet WW2 song, that everyone in USSR had kn

That every person living in the Soviet Union knew well. The gentle melody, the simple heart-rending words, promises a homeland for all. It’s amazing how few of us, the inhabitants of the earth, actually find it in the course of our lives.

Here is a text in German about the project