David Graeber Institute

Our site is about friendship. When David died, we didn’t have a Funeral, but the Carnival4David.
The funeral is about death, but Carnival is about eternity. And guess what: we’re going to keep it up: dancing and singing, reading and writing, drawing and dreaming, getting to know each other and making friends.
Till death do us part!

David’s death shocked many people who knew him and those who didn’t. This is why we all came together to celebrate David’s life.
Instead of the funeral, we held the Carnival4David, which took place in 250 locations worldwide.
Right after Carnival4David Museum of Care was born: an experimental space created as a basis for unexpected projects not necessarily related to David. And now there’s this site – davidgraeber.org, built around David’s legacy.
Here we will publish and discuss some of the texts of David Graeber, photographs, collections of his books and music, drawings and quotes, and here we will work on his archive.